Vicki Affatati’s art is interwoven into the community and landscape. Her murals and public art installations are a regular sight around Bandon, Oregon.

With many of these projects, she encourages youth to experience civic life through art by bringing in students to collaborate and paint alongside her. These hands-on opportunities to contribute to community art projects has helped many young people pursue their creative passions and gain confidence and experience. The subjects of Vicki’s projects often blend art and science to educate the public about the vitality of the natural world.

Her own journey began in Chicago, where as a child and teen she spent her free time drawing. In the early 80’s she had the opportunity to spend two years under the guidance of Eugene Hall, an art teacher at the Chicago Art Institute who instilled a love of form and classical drawing and understood the deep call of an artist. Throughout her life she has developed her skills as both a painter and arts educator, sharing the love of expression with people of all ages.

Her paintings and pastel drawings have been exhibited in galleries, solo and group shows, and continue to grace the homes of many. Her public artwork enhances the lives of locals and visitors in Bandon. Vicki’s love of the radiance of nature shines from her work as it inspires appreciation and remembrance of the natural world.



Public Art & Community Education Work


Fine Art Murals & Paintings Inspired by Ecology & Nature


“Let’s Paint!” Painting Parties with Vicki

It is rare to find a working artist who is not only capable of teaching art but is also willing to. It is one thing to teach the basics of art and quite another to teach creative thinking. Creative thinking can be of use even if you arent an artist. If our schools were filled with more teachers like Vicki the world would be better for it. Not only is Vicki an accomplished artist, her desire to work with others makes her a balanced, fun and inspiring instructor.

— Lizzie Youngker